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Site Seeker

Site Seeker is a free software that makes you know the exact position of your web site on the most famous search engines. It helps you to analyze the SERPs easily and quickly. To use it is very simple!

The only things you have to do are: to point out the word or the words to search for, to insert the name of your website, to choose which search engine you want to use and nothing more. The program will entirely do your researches in automatic way and, then, you won't never do those boring manual researches you have always done before. Besides, Site Seeker is standalone, which means that requires no installation. Unzip the .zip file and run it.

Current Version

2.2.2 [ ]

System Requirements

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Features details

  • More than 20 search engines implemented and that is:, Bing Italy, Bing Brazil,, Google Italy, Google Spain, Google Germany, Google France, Google UK, Google Canada, Google Argentina, Google Brazil,, Yahoo Italy, Yahoo Spain, Yahoo Germany, Yahoo France, Yahoo UK, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo Argentina, Yahoo Brazil
  • Search your site until the hundredth page of search engine you select (i.e. to position 1000)
  • Saving searches with the results in XML format
  • Possibility to create a graph of a website based on the log of the searches
  • Possibility to include in the research sponsored links
  • Possibility to search for only in the local language of the search engine (where possible)
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy to use even for novice
  • Possibility to search newer version of the software


Some search engines may ban the use of automated requests, so the author assumes no responsibility arising from the use or the abuse of this software.


Site Seeker is freeware, so it can be distributed to whoever for free. Selling it you commit a penal crime. Copyright © 2010 - 2017 Aurelio De Rosa. All rights reserved.