Aurelio De Rosa

Aurelio De Rosa

Software Engineering Manager at Meta (a.k.a. Facebook).
Author. Speaker. Mentor.

Short bio

Holding a BSc in Computer science from the University of Naples "Federico II" in Italy, I have around 15 years of professional experience. My development area has always been Web with a special focus on front-end. Since 2020 I'm working as a software engineering manager at Meta.

As a software engineering manager I've led teams developing on Web as well as mobile. Currently, I'm supporting the team responsible for the WhatsApp redesign across the main platforms. In addition to the usual leadership duties, I'm also in charge of several initiatives, especially those aimed at hiring, such as the rotational engineering program, and diversity and inclusion.

As a software engineer, I've been a senior and a tech lead for a few companies, including Meta. I've led multi-years projects involving 20+ people and supported the growth of many engineers. During the years my work and I have been featured on Meta's channels, national and international magazines, and even newspapers. Some examples are Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, and many more.

Finally, I've (co-)authored four books, published more than a hundred technical articles and a handful of academic papers, spoken at several conferences across Europe, contributed to well-known open source projects, and I'm a member of the jQuery team.