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I love to write, and if you've followed me, you know it. Since I started my professional career, I've invested a lot of time in writing academic papers and technical articles. In this page, you can find a list of my writings.

Academic papers and presentations

During my years working at the University of Salerno, I've been involved in a number of academic projects resulted in the publications of academic papers and presentations. So far, I've published 5 papers:

  1. Part-of-Speech tagging strategy for MIDIA: a diachronic corpus of the Italian language


    Claudio Iacobini / Aurelio De Rosa / Giovanna Schirato, Part-of-Speech tagging strategy for MIDIA. A diachronic corpus of the Italian language, in Roberto Basili / Alessandro Lenci / Bernardo Magnini (edd.), Proceedings of the First Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2014 & the Fourth International Workshop EVALITA 2014 (9-11 December 2014, Pisa), Pisa, Pisa University Press: 213-218.

  2. VoLIP: A Searchable Corpus of Spoken Italian


    Complex Visibles Out There (Proceedings of the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2014, Language Use and Linguistic Structure Pag.627-640 Olomuc, Palacký University Olomouc. ISBN:9788024443850


When not busy in writing code, I love to share my knowledge by writing technical articles for leading networks, such as SitePoint and TutsPlus, and magazines, such as Net Magazine and php[architect]. To date, I've written 121 articles on websites or magazines not owned by me: