Codemotion Madrid 2013 Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Instant jQuery Selectors

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As some of you may be already aware, on I’ll speak at Codemotion Madrid with a talk titled People don’t give a f**k of JavaScript. If you didn’t know it, it’s because you don’t follow me on Twitter and you’re a bad guy or girl. Anyway, to celebrate this event, Packt Publishing and I decided to offer some free copies of my first book Instant jQuery Selectors.

15 Tips to Improve Your jQuery Selectors

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Who don’t know what jQuery is and how it can help in developing a web project. Based on the latest statistics, jQuery is used on ~60% of the Quantcast Top 100k websites. We use it constantly and sometimes we tend to think it’s almost magic, that jQuery is capable to understand what we want to achieve and optimize all for us. There is no need to say this is wrong. You need to be aware of what jQuery does and does not for you and optimize as much as you can to improve your website’s performance.

In this article, extracted from my book Instant jQuery Selectors, you’ll learn some useful tips and tricks to improve the performance of your website by simply selecting elements in the right way.

How to Create Custom Filters in jQuery

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In some cases you may need a shortcut to collect elements for which jQuery doesn’t provide a specific filter. This is exactly where custom filters come into play.

In this article, extracted from my book Instant jQuery Selectors, you’ll learn how to build a custom filter in jQuery. Please note that, to be a complete post, it has some minor adjustment compared to the original recipe titled Custom filters (Become an expert).